This package consists of two functions, one that applies a pulse to a series of spins and one that allows the spins to evolve over a period of time based on the Bloch equations. These two functions can be strung together to create pulse sequences for demonstration purposes and one can create animated GIF files (such as those below) or AVI videos directly from the toolbox in Matlab.


Shown below is a depiction of a Hahn Echo sequence for a typical array of spins in a pulse EPR experiment.

Hahn Echo

Shown below is a simulation of the 1H NMR spectrum of ethanol at 200 MHz.

200 MHz NMR Spectrum Ethanol

Software Requirements:
Matlab 7.0 or greater (earlier versions might work, but it hasn't been tested)

See the Readme file, Matab Primer and User Tutorial for usage instructions.

Included in the package are samples files demonstrating the following:

Hahn Echo with 250 spins (as seen above)

Hahn Echo simplified with 5 spins

Hahn Echo with animation ouput activated

3-Pulse Stimulated Echo

T1 Demo

T2 Demo

200 MHz Ethanol NMR spectrum (as seen above)

Dowload the package:
OAEPRL Vector Sim