This package is a Matlab toolbox for initial processing of common CW and Pulse EPR types.  It has been developed primarily to streamline our initial processing of data collected at the OAEPRL.  However, we felt that some other labs could benefit from these scripts and adapt them to their own needs.  They are offered without any warranty, but we willl try to answer questions and work with anyone that wants to adapt them to their own experiments and spectrometers.

Software Requirements:

Matlab 7.0 or greater for all functions to work

EasySpin 3.1.7 (our package uses eprload to load the Bruker Binary files and this function was tweaked recently to add features our software uses)

Included Tools:

Bruker Binary to ASCII conversion

An ASCII file spectra comparrison application

Concentration Estimation (only for the OAEPRL X-band CW setup under standard experimental conditions)

Comparison with a TEMPO Standard Curve for ESE-EPR spectra to estimate the percentage of spins being observed

Power Saturation Data Processing (peak to peak spectrum height and P1/2 Determination)

Pulse T2 Fitting

Pulse T2 Fitting with an indication towards DEER data quality based on the T2

Pulse T1 Fitting

2P ESEEM Processing (background subtraction and crossterm averaged FFT)

3P ESEEM Processing (background subtraction and crossterm averaged FFT)

OAEPRL Processing Package 1.14

Download a Zipped Archive of the Package