Information on the sample requirements for the various instruments in the laboratory.

In order to cut down on needless email traffic to the department, an email list for users of the EPR instrumentation has been created.

Here is a list of the various fees incurred for users of the EPR laboratory facilities.

Here is a list of some excellent resources for CW and Pulsed EPR Theory and Instrumentation.  All of these resources are available from the EPR Laboratory.

This package is a Matlab toolbox for initial processing of common CW and Pulse EPR types.  It has been developed primarily to streamline our initial processing of data collected at the OAEPRL.  However, we felt that some other labs could benefit from these scripts and adapt them to their own needs.  They are offered without any warranty, but we willl try to answer questions and work with anyone that wants to adapt them to their own experiments and spectrometers.

A Linux BASH script for generating figures from the output of the ETH DEER Analysis package and the OAEPRL output files.

This package consists of two functions, one that applies a pulse to a series of spins and one that allows the spins to evolve over a period of time based on the Bloch equations. These two functions can be strung together to create pulse sequences for demonstration purposes and one can create animated GIF files (such as those below) or AVI videos directly from the toolbox in Matlab.

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